Home decoration tips (Vastu Friendly)


Home decoration tips are essential as home decoration directly or indirectly influences the people living in that home or apartment. Positive energy in your home décor helps you and your family to relax and helps in development or progress in their life


Following are the some of the Home decoration tips which can be followed while decorating your house;

Home decoration tips for Living Room: Place the long sofa towards east side and sofa chairs towards west side. Heavy furniture should be placed in south or west direction. Rectangular furniture is considered good as per vastu for living room in contrast to oval, square or other such shapes. Place telephone to the south, west side walls. If you want to place TV in living room then according to vastu tips for living room it should be placed in southeast direction. Avoid north-east or south-west corner of living room for placing TV.

Vastu Tips for Living Room Colors and Paintings:

Color of the living room should be yellow, blue, green or white as these are naturally very soothing color. You can use other light colors as well. But vastu prohibits the use of dark color in living room. Paintings of waterfall, rising Sun, are considered good for a positive feeling.

Home decoration tips for Bedroom:

Vastu recommends it is best to sleep with the head towards the South or East direction of the bedroom. Have soft and dim lighting in the bedroom. Almirah should be placed in the south-west corner of the room that opens towards north. TV in your bedroom should be placed in south-east direction.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom Colors and Paintings:
The color of walls in the bedroom should be light rose, blue, green, gray, etc because they encourage intelligent thinking. Place some pleasant painting which could bring a soothing effect to your mind but not any picture depicting grief or waterfall.
Home decoration tips for Dining:  Dining Table can be placed in the north west of the kitchen. The owners or elder person in the house should face towards the north or east while the guest should face south or west while eating.

Home decoration tips for Children Bedroom:  The location of bed should be in south-west portion whereas the head should be in south or east direction. The furniture should not be placed at the centre of the room.  TV should be placed in south-east corner and computer in north direction of the room. Study table should be placed such direction that child could face east, north and north-east while studying. Use up-lighters at south-east corner in children’s room as it is good for health and generates positive energy. Green color is ideally recommended for children’s room.

Some other Home decoration tips to keep in mind:

  • Mirrors should only be fixed on the north and east walls. No mirrors should be place/installed in study rooms and opposite to beds in the bedrooms.
  • Heating appliances must be placed in the southeast of the room. Fridge should be placed in the northwest portion of the room.
  • Never keep fountains and fish tanks in bedroom and study.
  • The shoes and footwear should be placed in the south-west portion of the verandah or main hall.
  • Avoid plants in the northeast corner of the house.


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