Interior Tips for home as per Vastu

Interior Tips for home as per Vastu is essential as home interior directly or indirectly influences the people living in that home or apartment. Positive energy in your home décor helps you and your family to relax and helps in development or progress in their life.

interior as per vastuWithin a house we have got one central space and 8 directions, those are northeast, east, south-east, south, south-west, west, north-west and north. Every direction has its own implication in the residents life, so we should construct our necessities like kitchen, lavatory, bedroom etc. basing on the principle of vastu.

Following are the some of the Interior Tips for home as per Vastu which can be followed while making the interior of your house your house:

Central space: is called as Brahmasthala and should be kept vacant and clean for free movement or circulation. This will provide ventilation for the surrounding areas of intensive activity and is health giving also.

North-East direction: is good for the worship and meditation. Also it is good for reception, study and office.

East direction: east direction is ideal for bath room, verandah, and drawing room or can be bedroom for un-married boy.

South-East Direction: this direction is called as the corner of Agni (Fire). So the kitchen must be in south-east direction of the house, with arrangement such that the cook should face east while cooking.

South direction:  Interior Tips for home as per Vastu says South direction is ideal for bed-room except the Master bedroom or for staircase.

South-West: Interior Tips for home as per Vastu guides that master bed room should be exclusively in South west corner.

West directions: Interior Tips for home as per Vastu suggests in west direction children’s bed room, study, overhead water tank should be made.

North-West direction: Interior Tips for home as per Vastu says this direction belongs to Vayu (air). This direction is best for bed room of un-married girls or guest room.

North direction: Interior Tips for home as per Vastu says in North direction bedroom for a married son or a living room is the best option.



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