Flats in bhubaneswar

Flats at Bhubaneswar
Flats at Bhubaneswar

Flats in bhubaneswar

We Ready4Move.in provides you an opportunity to view multiple ready to move in Flats in bhubaneswar, and wish you choose the one, which is your DREAM HOME and can get in whenever you wish.

Advantage of ready to move in house:

You get in whenever you wish 

Most of the peoples selling ready flats are ready to give immediate possession to the new buyer.

You get what you see

Unlike new projects where you might not get whatever you have seen in the sales broachers at the time of buying, here you will get what you have seen.

Center locations you can get

In Bhubaneswar affordable new housing projects are coming far from the main city but where buying ready to move flats you can get center locations of the city, which will be convenient for you and your kids for communication & all the key facilities will be in the surrounding.

 Savings on rent starts immediately

If you are looking for your first house in Bhubaneswar ready to move houses are best options for you. You can stay there immediately and save the outflow of rent. So the NET-OUTFLOW from your pocket as EMI will be EMI-RENT which will be lesser than paying EMI for a new flat.

No waiting more, for dream home of yours.

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Location Area (Sqft) Price(No-extra) Location Area (Sqft) Price(No-extra)
Sundarpada, Hitech Plazza 980 22.5Lkh Cosmopolis(2+),Dumduma 1375 55Lkh*
MAITRI VIHAR, Fotune Tower 1000 37Lkh DAMANA SQURE 1350 58Lkh
JAGAMARA, ITER College 1050 39Lkh Satya Nagar 1600 70Lkh
Patia, Opp. Big Bazar 1130 39lkh Cosmopolis, Dumduma 1795 72Lkh*
Nayapalli, Opp. Iskon 993 45Lkh Khandagiri Sq. 2465 78Lkh
Cosmopolis, Dumduma 1250 49Lkh* Madhusudan Nagar, Unit-4 1472 80Lkh


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 Flats in bhubaneswar

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