Tips to sell your house: 11 Tips

house for sell
house for sell

Selling a house is often taken as an emotional decision and is also a big ticket business transaction, so the 11 tips to sell your house  will definitely going to help you in selling your house. With recent boom in real estate sector  slowly in India the concept of investment in real estate is expanding . People are buying and selling properties as like any other investments. Also a shift of interest is being seen in shifting from individual house to organized apartments with all amenities. What ever may be the reason, selling a house is a big transaction, hence required proper planning and process to be followed to get the best deal.

Here are 11 tips to sell your house, which will help you to ease the process

Tip1. Don’t be emotional: Make the mental decision strong that the house will no longer be yours. Try to picture you handing over the keys to the new owner and receiving the deal cheque otherwise every tips to sell your house will fail to help you.

Tip2. Décor the Bride: Make house clean and well arranged with whatever is inside like furniture, books, utensils and jars in the kitchen etc. Because the buyers imagine their living and will open closet and cabinet doors and in sales business “Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Bikta Hai”

Tip3. Do the minor repairs: Replace cracked floor or counter tiles. Fix doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that jam. But don’t over spend on it.

Tip4. Make you Papers ready: Make a file and Put together all documents related to the house. Also make a list and contact list of vendors like plumber, electrician, maid etc.

Tip5. Set the price right: Get some information about the last property sold in your society or in your locality and price of new projects if any. Keeping in mind the market rate and present condition of the house set the price. In this case interaction with real estate agents will also be helpful to know the market rates.

Tip6. Give the 1st chance to your Neighbors:  Inform your neighbors that you have decide to sell the house. As they are attached to the society or locality they will work as a free agent for you and try to bring some buyers from their known as a neighbor. But be ready for the “why” question from them.

Tip7. Inform to your known: As you’re known to them and might have seen your property they will have confidence of zero litigation and will definitely give some references.

Tip8. Public Marketing:  Advertize in property marketing sites like, magic bricks, 99 Acers, Quirk etc. Also you can give add to the classified in the local news papers. This will cost you some rupees but most importantly make your self free to attain the phone and explain the property feature to each caller.

Tip9. Take help of professional: Selling your house might be a very emotional for you, but selling your house is a business transaction and a process. So task of selling your house should be into the trusted hands of a true professional such as, who are fulltime professional in property management services in Bhubaneswar.

Tip10: Make it Smooth: Multiple potential buyers will come to view your house try to keep the house less crowded at the time of visit. Or if you need to be at home, be welcoming but discreet. People feel uncomfortable when the owner is around as they can’t express their query freely.

Tip11. Sweets at the last: You can make deal more attractive to buyers by offer things or terms that might sweeten the dealings. For example, sellers that offer the buyer a couple of thousand credits or in post dated cheques toward closing costs will receive more attention from house hunters looking at similar homes. Some buyers are motivated by the option of hand over in a short amount of time. If it is possible for you, this may set your deal apart and will be done.

Hope the above 11 Tips to sell your house will help you, All the best.

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