“Bhubaneswar” the city of opportunity in India

“Bhubaneswar” the city of opportunity in India, is among one of the preferred destination along with other high growing cities like Agra, Jalandhar, Aurangabad, and Raipur. As per surveys, quarterly average household income is more than India’s average urban household’s quarterly income.  The quarterly average household income in these ‘cities of opportunities’ has a quarterly average household income of above Rs 65,000, whereas the national average is Rs 45,000 per quarter, per urban household across the country.

Bhubaneswar airportThe IT industry contributes a significant role in the growth of Bhubaneswar due to lower cost of production of export software’s as compared to other IT cities and also a 20-25% savings in cost of operation due to competitive rates of international standard, which leads to higher profitability to the IT companies.


As number of Reputed Educational Institutes are established in Bhubaneswar provides availability of quality manpower required for industries. The average pass outs per year are about 8000 graduates, 10,000 Engineering graduates, 3000 Postgraduates (including MCA & MBA) provides availability of quality manpower.


“Bhubaneswar” the city of opportunity in India is one of the cheapest capital towns in main land India, with better living conditions compared to the metros and mini metros. No long hours of commuting, working within 5-10 Kms from the living place. Professionals have advantage of the high income-saving ratio here.


“Bhubaneswar” the city of opportunity in India on the attribute of “City with Life”, ranked higher than other cities in the East. Business Management students ranked Bhubaneswar higher than Chennai on the “Cosmopolitan Attribute” and “The Best Cities to Work In”.


Bhubaneswar with clean environment, beautiful road and Air connectivity with very economical real estates hiring or owning costs makes it a perfect place to stay. 

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