Tips for buying a land or a Plot

Land Sale
Land Sale

A house with some land area is having its own charm as compare to apartments where the scope of any changes is all most nil. Especially in 2nd tier cities like Bhubaneswar where the development has just started the demand for land and Duplex/Simplex is high. But often buying a land property is considered as a difficult task due to the legal hassles, so tips for buying a land or a plot are important.  Also choose the agent and property carefully. You can perform the following basics before rushing for the buy. Following are the tips for buying a land or a plot.

  1. Visit the site and check whether some short of development has been done there or not like approach road to the site, boundary to the plot, demarcation of the internal roads etc. Sellers with good intentions only do that as this development needs initial investment from the seller.
  2. Check on the map provided and the revenue map and try to correlate both.
  3. Ask for EC/ Plot no, Khata no and verify that with registry office or you can take help of a professional property lawyer for this task. If the plot is in Bhubaneswar you can verify through online in website
  4. Once you find the papers ok ask the about the time they need for Sale deed/registration and possession.
  5. Avoid making payments through installment and cash and take receipt of each payment.
  6. Then go for sale deed and registration.
  7. After that take possession and apply for conversion & mutation if it’s required.

Hope the above tips for buying a land or a plot will definitely help you to get a right piece of land for you .

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